Carbon Monoxide Alarms

You cant see it, smell it or taste it but undetected Carbon Monoxide (CO) can kill swiftly and without warning.

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas released during the incomplete combustion of common household fuels like gas, oil and coal. That said, CO poisoning is generally more of a problem with gas appliances like central heating boilers, gas fires or gas cooking ovens.

Dont take a risk with carbon monoxide- the simple and very cost effective measure of installing an appopropriate detector or alarm could save yours or someone elses life. Buying from us is 100% safe

We recommend that your carbon alarm complies with the appropriate British Standard and carries a British or European approval mark i.e. Kitemark or EC mark.

Always install your alarm in compliance with the manufacturers instructions. Once installed make sure it is checked and serviced as recommended. Remember, only a working alarm will save lives.

The current CO alarms generally last between 5 and 7 years depending on the battery specification with yearly battery replacement recommended. Some CO detectors do not come with a low battery warning alarm; so please check this when purchasing.

Carbon Alarms and Monoxide Detectors should never be seen as a substitute for using appropriately qualified tradesmen in relation to gas appliances.  Gas Safe registered engineers/installers should always be used.

Remeber to have you gas appliances i.e. central heating or water heating boiler, gas fire or oven, regularly and routinely serviced by a competent Gas Safe registered installer.

If you live in rented accomodation your landlord does have a legal duty carry out and annual gas safety check and to esnure that all gas appliances are maintained.- be sure to rquest a copy of this completed certification.

If you use an open fire or wood burning/multi feul stove we recommend that you have your chimney swept at least once a year. If you are having applinaces insatllaed that use fossil fuels (apart from gas) then ensure your use a suitably registered person to undertake the work For oil-fired please look at an OFTEC registered installer and for solid fuel plese look at the HETAS registration.

Your carbon monoxide alarm is the last line of defence, not the first.

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