Gas Detectors

Worried about leaks of bottled or natural gas? Problems with the detection of smells from gas appliances or worried about leaving the ring on?

Our range of alarms will detect both bottled gas (propane and/or butane) and natural gas (methane). 

Battery powered or mains powered options with both fixed or handheld detectors.

We also supply detectors suitable for camping and caravan usage.

Buying from us is 100% Safe

Gas appliances, either supplied from bottled or mains sources can leak if either fitted or working incorrectly. In some cases the pipework or joints can deteriorate and lead to escapes.

Maybe you are forgetful, or have a forgetful friend or relactive, who might leave the gas ring on for example.

In these instances a household gas detector could provide vital. A household gas detector is very simialr in both size and operation to a standard smoke alarm

Domestic gas supplies do have an odouriser present  which, in most cases, would be picked up upon if a leak were present. But for piece of mind a detector can be used.

TMethane for example (CH4), which is used to cook with and heat your home, is harmful if inhaled and highly flammable. It can pose a risk of suffocation and, when in contact with a spark from a faulty appliance or even turning on a light, it can cause an explosion.

We recommend that you have a gas leak detector in your kitchen and nearby your boiler, hot water tank and any gas fire

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