Holiday Alarms & Detectors

Portable & Battery Operated CO Alarms & Dectors To Keep You Safe On Holiday

Unfortunately not all countries have the high standards that the UK does in regards to to gas safety . If you are taking the family abroad we suggets the use of a portable CO alarm to protect you all, especially when you  sleep.

There have been a few instances of tragic holiday deaths caused by faulty gas appliances, the use of simple and low cost detetctor could save a life.

We always check our prices and you can be sure that buying from us is 100% safe.

We supply both portable battery operated units and those that plug into the mains (remeber you will need a travel adaptor to convert from the UK three prong plug to your destniations supply).We suggest these units are placed in your holiday accomodation as soon as you arrive- you can even use them in tents if suspended correctly.

Remeber a portbale or holiday carbon monoxide alarm will only have the opportunity to safe you if its working- be sure the batteries are fresh and up to date. Replace them as necessary.

Should I be worried about CO poisoning on holiday.....How can I stay safe on holiday

If you holiday in the UK then ask the hotel/cottage/caraven owner for an up to date gas safety record. In the UK they must by law have these done annually.

On the continent carbon monxocde alarms are not that common. For this reason we suggest you do take a suitable travel alarm with you.

Gas applicances can vary in their operation, and will almost certainly be different than those you have at home- make sure you read the operation instructions and are clear how they work. Ask the hotel staff or your holiday rep if you are unsure.

The symptomns of CO poisoning can easily be mistaken for other common holiday illnesses like food poisoning or a tummy bug, dehydration or mild sun stroke and even hangovers. The main symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure are: headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomitting and breatlessnes.

If you think there might be a leak discontinue any use of the gas equipment, turn off the gas, open windows and leave the area immediately into fresh air. Inform the holiday company/hotel owners immediately and seek qualified medical advice if you feel unwell.