X-Sense SC05F Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 5 Year Sealed Battery from X-Sense

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We are delighted to stock the fantastic X-Sense SC05F Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 5 Year Sealed Battery.

With so many on offer these days, it is wise to have a brand you can trust. The X-Sense SC05F Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 5 Year Sealed Battery is certainly that and will be a great purchase.

For this great price, the X-Sense SC05F Photoelectric Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 5 Year Sealed Battery comes highly respected and is always a regular choice for lots of people. X-Sense have included some nice touches and this means good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

This device adopts smart technology to detect smoke and carbon monoxide and issues an alarm to alert nearby people of potential fire or CO danger. With this all-in-one unit, you and your family will be safe and secure at all times, giving you great peace of mind!

Intelligent MCU Processing

This detector is fitted with a photoelectric sensor that detects smoke from smoldering fires and an electrochemical sensor that detects CO from malfunctioning fuel-burning appliances. Equipped with an intelligent MCU microprocessor, it can accurately and promptly detect dangerous smoke or CO levels, ensuring allover protection for all your family members.

Superior Performance

The red LED indicator flashes once every 30 seconds to indicate that is in ready mode. Once smoke or CO is detected, the alarm sounds a slow "Di-Di-Di" (smoke) and short "DiDiDiDi" (CO). The red LED light flashes at the same pace. The 85 dB sound is loud enough to waken even the soundest sleepers. After smoke/CO is dispersed, the detector resets itself to ready mode. What's more, you can always judge whether the device is working normally by its malfunction warning.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installation only takes minutes and all of the necessary hardware is included. The average battery life is 5 years, so there is no need to replace expired batteries regularly. The low voltage warning reminds you to replace detector in time, every time. For optimal protection and peace of mind, this smoke detector should be placed in all rooms of the home, including sleeping areas, living areas, kitchens and more.


ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Outstanding intelligent MCU processing technology with a dual-sensor detects dangerous levels of both smoke and carbon monoxide; Surface Mounted Technology (SMT) ensures better mechanical performance SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Delivers a sound of 85 dB to alert you of the presence of smoke and/or carbon monoxide; shields interference from external light so as to maintain the functioning of the photoelectric sensor RELIABLE POWER SUPPLY: Incredible 5 years of extended use with one lithium-ion battery sealed in this alarm; a low voltage warning gives a reminder when detector replacement is needed MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Easily press the hush button to stop any false alerts; the detector automatically recovers to ready mode after dispersal of smoke and/or danger of carbon monoxide; a self-diagnosis function indicates possible malfunctions with a flashing red LED and a warning sound DUST PROOF, MOTH PROOF & SHOCK PROOF: Excellent dust and moth resistance for easy, trouble-free maintenance; able to withstand shocks and easily fits into any room or vehicle

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